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Build your organisation and your people to survive and thrive. Let us help you design a programme that meets your peoples’ needs and builds commitment to your organisation

‘Change starts when someone sees the next step’
William Drayton

The courses and services we offer


  • How to develop and deliver an effective strategy

  • Futures techniques; competitive strengths; systems thinking

  • Finance for non-financial managers

  • Value For Money, cost management, process mapping

  • Investment strategy - building good business cases for investment, and creating real benefits

  • Managing organisational performance - the balanced scorecard and systems thinking

  • Goal Directed Project Management

  • Project management - the reality of managing or working on a project: planning, risks and delivering benefits

  • Process mapping and modelling

  • Leading and managing change

  • Core consulting skills

  • Team building and organisational launch events

We offer both off-the-shelf and tailored courses for you. In all cases we would have an initial consultation with you to define the best approach. We also undertake strategic organisation-wide reviews of learning and development covering business needs, methods of delivery, governance and funding, and evaluation. 

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