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Build your strategy to survive in a rapidly changing world.

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’
Leonardo da Vinci

‘I really do live for the future’

Andy Warhol

The challenge of uncertainty


  • ‘Getting beyond SWOT’: How do you analyse and build on the emerging trends of today - and the evidence from tomorrow?

  • How do you challenge what you do, and how you do it?

  • How can you navigate the change? How do you build a resilient strategy to deliver and grow?

  • What does success really look like for you and for your customers? What does this mean for your Management Board?

We can run top team workshops, training sessions, scanning projects, and design organisations and processes based on the results. We use a range of tools and techniques including scenarios, the 7 Questions, windtunnelling and stakeholder analysis to test and develop your strategy and ensure a pragmatic implementation plan.  


We offer the following specific services:


  • Creating your future - working with management teams to design and deliver their vision for the organisation

  • Creating and delivering the vision - organisation/team/project workshops

  • Futures and strategy development - an introductory workshop

  • Futures and strategy development - advanced skills workshop

  • Seminars & conference presentations - from today to tomorrow

  • Seminars & conference presentations - market-specific presentations

Horizon scanning offers you an insight into opportunities and risks facing your organisation - whether public or private sector. 

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